The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash

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The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash


An expansion for The Dance and the Dawn, containing a complete set of all-new characters. 

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The Isles of Ice and Ash exist on the edges of reality, reflected through a million mirrors of imagination and enchantment. Just turn your head a bit, and everything is different — all the people, all the history, all the rules. There are countless Lords and Ladies out there, whirling their way through countless midnight balls, with countless Dukes and Queens watching from the sidelines.

The stories never end. This is one of them.

The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash provides a new cast of characters for the midnight ball  six new Ladies, seven new Lords, a new Duke and Queen. The game structure and the overarching themes of the game are unchanged, but there are new interpersonal dynamics to experience and new conceptual territory to explore. Re-create the magic, and experience all the fresh secrets and surprises!

The expansion is designed to be used in its entirety, with all the new characters appearing together in the game. That said, it is entirely possible to mix-and-match characters from the original set and the new set as you see fit, custom-tailoring the scenario for your players.   

Note: This is not a stand-alone product, and cannot be used without The Dance and the Dawn core game. It contains no rules, only character materials. 

Written by Warren Tusk. Contains some mature content.

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