The Dance and the Dawn

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The Dance and the Dawn


A gothic fairy tale. Doomed lords and ladies seek redemption through True Love at a midnight ball. 

For 15 players and an Orchestrator. Lasts 4 to 5 hours.

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lady...
...and things didn't go so well for her.
She had to make sacrifices; that's just how the world works, you know?
Eventually, she had to sacrifice her heart.
Now she has one chance to get it back, to find her true love.

Once upon a time, there was a handsome lord...
...and things didn't go so well for him.
Perhaps he never found his beautiful bride.
Perhaps he found her, but couldn't bring himself to love her.
Perhaps he was just vicious through and through.
Now there are ladies who want to dance with him, who want to love him, who want him to love them in return.
He wants to sneer.
But it's so cold inside his heart...

And a waltz plays, and the dance floor gleams with cruel promise...

The Dance and the Dawn tells the tale of six beautiful Ladies who came to the court of the Queen of Ice for a midnight ball, and there danced with seven noble Lords, all in pursuit of the True Love that could heal their hearts. The conclusion of that tale is up to you.

Fifteen participants are required, as well as an out-of-character Orchestrator to manage and oversee the experience. Six players become the Ladies of Ash, who have come to the midnight ball in hopes of healing their heartbreak; seven become the cold, proud Lords of Ice who are there waiting for them, and who struggle with tragedies of their own; the other two become the Queen of Ice and the Duke of Ash, the enigmatic figures who have arranged the whole affair.

The game lasts four to five hours, which will be taken up with dancing and dueling and courtly intrigue...and, of course, with the eternal hope of romance and joy.

Written by Warren Tusk. Contains some mature content.


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