Toil and Trouble

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Toil and Trouble -- Cover Art.jpg

Toil and Trouble


A story of destiny, hard choices, love, and magic.  Three witches cast a mighty spell to determine the fate of three noble heroes, who have their own opinions on the matter. 

For six players and an Orchestrator.  Lasts 100 minutes. 

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There are three great heroes in the Kingdom of Arkhos. Their fates are bound together, like sticks in a bundle. And those fates will manifest very soon.

One will be king. One will be happy. One will die.

This much is woven into the skein of destiny, and cannot be changed. But destiny can manifest in many different ways. Humans can pull it one way or another, within the confines of its essential nature, if they wield the right sort of power.

That power is called witchcraft.


Exactly one year ago, on the Night of Hallows, three witches gathered to perform a great work of magic. They sought to determine, for themselves, the fates that would be met by three prominent young noblemen.

Their ritual was interrupted by a party of witch-hunting heroes -- none other than the three men whose destinies lay on the line.

In the fracas, a terrible arcane backlash was unleashed. Each witch was banished to her own otherworldly sanctum, with one of the witch-hunters in tow, unable to escape back into reality for an entire year. The ritual itself was held in stasis, awaiting its completion on the next Night of Hallows.

Now the time has come. The sanctum doors have opened. The witches have thrown up powerful shields; this time around, the ritual will be finished, one way or another.

But they have had a year to contemplate their work. A year spent in the company of heroes. Some of them have begun to reconsider their ambitions.

And of course the heroes are all still present, and can speak for themselves.

Someone will receive a crown. Someone will receive joy. Someone will receive death. But which man is which? That has yet to be decided.

Double, double, toil and trouble...

Toil and Trouble tells the story of six people trying to control fate, and to live with it, as best as they can.  The conclusion of that tale is up to you. 

Six participants are required, as well as an out-of-character Orchestrator to manage and oversee the experience. Three players take on the roles of the witches, and the other three take on the role of the heroes whose destinies they are seeking to shape. 

This game lasts for a hundred minutes, which are sure to be packed with magic, mystery, terror, surprise, and decisions that will resonate through the years. 

Written by Kristen Hendricks and Warren Tusk. Contains some mature content.