Be Not Afraid

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Be Not Afraid


A tale of faith and politics. After being cast out of Heaven, fallen angels struggle to rebuild their society, while human leaders and demonic ambassadors pursue their own agendas. 

For 13 players and an Orchestrator. Lasts 5-6 hours.

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In the year 20XX, as the End Times began — as the Earth stood on the verge of Armageddon — the angelic host fell from Heaven. In its entirety.

The angels did not know why this had happened, or how. They knew only that in one dreadful moment they had been cut off from the Divine Presence, that they had lost all knowledge and understanding of God's true nature, and that they had been sent screaming into the universe. Now they call themselves the Forsaken. It is not a name that they coined, but they have made it their own, for there is much bitter truth in it.

They were fortunate, or perhaps favored. They did not fall so far as Hell; they found themselves drifting through the reaches of space.

Now they have gathered in a temporary settlement on the moon. They are confused, and angry, and riven by controversies — concerning God, concerning mankind, concerning the structure of their own society. So it is that the leaders of the host, the chiefs of the nine great angelic choirs, have decided to come together for a Synod. There they will make law for the Forsaken, and determine the future of their people.

Guests have been invited to the Synod. Human heroes will be present, persons of miraculous power and impeccable Davidic ancestry, seeking to be anointed Messiah — and to obtain the angels' help for their desperate crusades on Earth. And the True Fallen of the Pit will send their own ambassadors, to see for themselves what their long-lost brethren have become, and to decide whether the Last War might be averted.

In this dark age, when even the highest and holiest have been abandoned, it seems impossible not to fear...

Be Not Afraid tells the tale of angels fallen from Heaven, hoping to make a new place for themselves in the universe, and their interactions with humankind and demonkind alike. The conclusion of that tale is up to you.

Thirteen participants are required, as well as an out-of-character Orchestrator to manage and oversee the experience. Nine players become the chiefs of the nine angelic choirs, deciding the future of the Forsaken host, striving to reconstruct their society in the ways they think best; two become the ambassadors of the Legion Infernal, sent as diplomats from the Pit to see whether the Last War can be averted; the other two become two powerful human leaders with very different visions for the world of men, each seeking to be anointed Messiah by the angelic Synod.

The game lasts five to six hours, which will be taken up with politics and philosophy and world-reshaping projects...and, of course, with the blazing emotions of turbulent times.

Written by Warren Tusk and C.E.A. Diertani. Contains some mature content.