A theatrical experience is an amazing centerpiece for a celebration -- it's an immersive, beautiful, socially engaging way for a group of people to have fun spending time together. 

Our games are designed for anyone to be able to pick them up and orchestrate them.  You don't need our help, or anyone's, to make the magic happen. 

But...it might be that you'd like to retain the services of an Orchestrator who can stand outside the game and manage it, rather than having to provide one your self.  Or maybe you'd like to avail yourself of our expertise when it comes to casting and on-the-spot game direction.  Or maybe you'd like your experience to be enriched by having our superb actors stepping in as NPCs.

It might even be that you're a patron of the interactive arts, and you'd like to commission a custom-written theatrical experience to explore your own favorite themes.

If so -- just reach out to us, and let us know what you'd like us to do for you.  We'll help you create some marvelous memories. 


A couple of things to bear in mind for anyone looking to arrange a private event through Paracelsus:

* We have some theatrical experiences that aren't yet packaged for commercial availability, but which we can put together for private events.  Themes include the Cthulhu Mythos in academia, Southern Gothic mystery and magic, pantheonic universe-formation, and more.  If you're curious about our additional "unreleased" games, don't hesitate to ask.

* Paracelsus Games is based in New York City.  If you're outside the NY metro area, we're probably not going to be able to come to you, although we'll be happy to provide whatever remote help we can.

* We don't offer "standard packages" of any kind.  Every client's situation is different, so when it comes to private events, we try to be flexible with both our services and our pricing.  Talk to us, and we'll work things out.

* We're not actually event planners.  We can deal with everything on the game-management front, but we can't put together your party.  In particular, we're not (yet) able to offer a venue for the theatrical experience -- you'll have to provide the space on your own. 

* Things we can offer include:

  • Orchestration
  • Assistance with casting
  • Advice and guidance on costuming / decoration / game prep
  • Masterful, experienced NPCs
  • Additional PCs (if you're one or two players short for a particular game)
  • Custom-written theatrical experience content